Iguazú Falls – Argentina

Once we finished the Brazil side of the falls and the bird park, the sun was coming out with blue skies. We decided that instead of going back to the hotel and doing the Argentina side the next day, we should just hurry and see as much as we could on the Argentina side. Adolfo was more than happy to drive us to the park and let us stay there until it closed.

Seeing the waterfall with blue skies made the experience completely different. We took the train to the furtherst point and then you walk out to see the largest of the waterfalls. You would never be able to see the entire waterfall since there is so much mist. We had to get the ponchos back out.

The Argentina side has 3 main walks you can do to view the waterfalls. We were able to do two of them before the park closed. I think my favorite walk was the last one we did— the upper circuit. Beside the fact that not many tourists were there because the park would soon be closing, the sunny skies created some nice rainbows with the waterfalls.

Both Argentina and Brazil have created a wonderful experience of being able to get close to the waterfalls. The parks are very clean and easily worth a visit if anyone is in the area. We didn’t do the boat rides as we really didn’t want to get that wet but I think you get the best views from above anyways.

Here is a very short video of the Argentina side of the falls:

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