Not sure where to start. We did and saw so much that it is hard to remember everything. We got there pretty late on Tuesday. We walked to a nearby hotel and had dinner. It was a beautiful hotel up on a hill. We started Wednesday pretty early by taking the train into the city and hopping on a hop-on-hop off bus tour. It was our first sight of the Scottish rain that everyone keeps telling us about, but I was determined to sit on the top part of the bus in the rain. The 2014 Commonwealth Games are in Glasgow and they start next week. This made the city pretty busy with a lot more traffic. It took us almost an hour just to get half way on the tour. We decided to get off and see Europe’s top museum in 2013. It had everything you ever wanted to see about transportation. There was a boat located outside that you could walk around. I think it is pretty interesting to know that one of its first voyages was to Portland, Oregon in 1896.

After visiting the museum we caught a very full bus and we were stuck standing for awhile. We headed back to the main square and grabbed some lunch before heading up to the Necropolis. The Necropolis is a Victorian garden cemetery with huge monuments and sculptures. It also offered a nice view of the city.

We ended the night by walking to a park near our bed & breakfast. Glasgow is a large city but you are able to escape the city life into their wonderful parks. I have never seen so many runners in my life out exercising. I’m not sure if it was the nice evening weather or if they exercise rain or shine. At one point, one running group of at least 50 people went by us.

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3 thoughts on “Glasgow

    • I’m guessing Jerry has always been drawn to Scotland for the golf courses 🙂 I just read tonight that place we are going to tomorrow has 48 golf courses in the area. We are planning on doing a tour of St. Andrews.

  1. Was thinking about Foot Traffic group members who had just come back from a marathon in Scotland. Looked to see if there was one in Glasgow. Found this:

    Commonwealth Games Marathon
    Sunday 27th July 2014, 9am
    Entry by selection from your national federation! So if you are not one of the lucky ones to be selected, head for Glasgow city centre on Sunday 27th of July to watch and offer vocal support to a small select field of elite marathoners battle, it out for medals. It is a free, ticketless event. Countries can send up to 3 men and 3 women. So far (November 2013), Scotland has 2 men – Derek Hawkins (Kilbarchan AC) and Ross Houston (Central AC) – and 4 women – Susan Partridge and Hayley Haining (Both GlasgowVP AC), Freya Murray (Edinburgh AC) and Jo Zakrzweski (Dumfries RC) – who have achieved the Scottish qualifying standards of 2 hours 19mins (men) and 2 hours 40 minutes (women).

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