Parque Das Aves – Brazil

Across the street from the entrance to Iguaçu Falls is the Parque Das Aves. I couldn’t resist getting a quick visit in since it is a bird park, and I like taking pictures. I just didn’t know how much I like looking at colorful birds. The jungle has beautiful birds and I actually was lucky enough to see some of them around the waterfalls. The park was defitility worth a visit.

They have 3 aviaries that get you very close with the birds. The macaw exhibit was one of my favorites because watching the macaws fly was incredible. Sadly, I only had a short time in there because we really needed to get back to meet our taxi driver.

Right after we took the video of the macaw below, it got a large piece of the tree off and dropped right next to us. We didn’t have time to get a video of bird flying, and I’m not sure this video really represents how loud it was in person. There must have been 50 birds in there and they were all yelling at one point.

1 thought on “Parque Das Aves – Brazil

  1. Valerie, we are enjoying your adventure in South America and always look forward to seeing what you have come up with. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Hugs and prayers as you travel.

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